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In this increasingly and changing phase of digital marketing, new discoveries and retaliation are coming in the days of life, many new updates are coming out in the result, if you also want your business to touch every heights in the world of digital marketing, It is important to be aware of every update from platform to digital. So let's talk about what we are going to talk about today and the latest updates of those starts is recently went to the same or which technology is yet to be famous yet 8 of Fame is manipulated space as that of Identity of famous algorithms use penalty to any escape penalty chit sheet Know 8 major Google algorithm updates

  •  PANDA
Panda provides so-called quality scores for web pages that are used as rankings then in the beginning Panda was not part of Google Ranking Algorithm but was a filter but in January 2016 it officially included in Core Algorithm The panda roll outs were more frequent, so both the penalty and the recovery are now faster if it is to gain more profit, then some points of attention It is necessary to run regular site checks for content duplication, thin content and keyword stuffing To do this, you will need a site crawler like SEO Power Suite website auditor well It was founded in 24 February 2011
 Its purpose is to down-rank those sites whose links have some kind of manipulation, since the last month of 2016, being a part of Google's main part of the main algorithm, Penguin also works in real-time To use this, monitor the development of your link profile and always run the audit with links like SEO Spy Glass In the inbox of the tool, you will get a graph for developing the link profile which means thathe back links Can be seen again and it was founded in April 24, 2012.
  •  Hummingbird
Hummingbird helps to Google search queries and make better explanations as well as provide the same results to the searcher For example if the query is differently within the search then the Hummingbird page helps to rank the query for the query even if it contains do not be the word that the searcher has not written or which depends on unlimited word indexing, co-occurring conditions and synonyms to it was founded in 22 august 2013.
  • Pigeon  
By the way, listening to this word will tell you the dove itself but this word has different meaning in the world of Technology but it affects the searches in which the user's position plays an important role Use of traditional SEO factors can now be used in local Results are used to rank and it was founded in 24 july 2014.
  •  Mobile
Google's mobile update which is also called Mobile Gadgets it is the most important part of the algorithm which ensures that the search is being done in the same way as the mobile whether or not the mobile platform optimized for page rank with SERP Filters or critically down-ranked, use it to focus on speed and usefulness on mobile.
  •  Rankbrain 
Rankbrain is a part of Google's hummingbird algorithm which is a machine learning system that helps to understand the meaning behind Google's questions, as well as results in responding to those questions it is considered the most important factor in Google ranking It is important that for web page ranking for these queries  Content can be optimized for relevance and understanding with the help of competitiveness and consideration. With the help of the Web site Auditor help TF-IDF Tool you can search your competitors' keywords in a large number and improve their rankings by making some improvements and changes it and its founded in October 26, 2015.
  •  Possum  
It is easy to ensure that the results are more different depending on the location of the searcher, as in the example of the business, the higher the size of the business or the closer you will be, the more likely it will be that you are more and better possum will also be able to see the results resulted in more variety among results for too many questions. To use it, Expand Inbox and Track Unique Rank Local businesses now need to target more keywords that they used, because the instability Possum was brought to the local SERPS, its founded in September 1, 2016.
  • Fred  
It targets websites to confirm any popular updates, but those who violate the rules of this webmaster of Google have to give them penalties, these are blogs with impacted sites and quality posts that aim to earn advertising money  It's used to review Google Search Quality Guidelines and see thin content if you show ads Programmed to ensure that they are like you and good quality.
  •  Florida 2
Long time after Google released widespread algorithm updates on March 12, many industry names gave it the name of Florida 2, but began to say debt due to this, but due to this, the people in SEO began to be confused with thinking that whether this week's release was Florida What's different about and what's the benefits? Florida's original update since November 2003 has been named as the Florida Update because Brett's Pub Con Semi in Florida Do not run That's why he named this update as Florida Update. It was updated on March 12, one week after another Pub Con conference in Florida.

AUTHOR BIO-  Mamta tiwari

Mamta Tiwari is the industry of digital marketing content writing at brainguru teachnology and she was previously head in web channel post of script writer and anchour 


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