Famous and popular company of social networking Facebook has recently announced its contribution to Google. What is that announcement? Before this we will tell you, you have to know what is social networking? and what is its usefulness? ...

What is social networking -   Social networking is a site through which we are connected with our friends, family, colleagues or customers. Using Internet-based social media sites can be a social purpose, a business objective, or both, through sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, we keep connecting to each other. Social networking has become an important base for marketers to engage customers.

Facebook has announced API - The popular company and website of social media, Facebook has announced the first major API contribution
 for the Google Chrome browser, which focuses on simplifying the user's experience and reducing the time between reducing click and browser.
 Now you have to be thinking that what are these APIs?

So let's also tell them that in computer programming, the API is a set of tasks and processes that support the creation of applications that later reach those facilities or data that are used by an operating system, application or any other service Are part of. "We're excited to share that 'Chrome.' This process of bringing your own API in the Chrome browser marks the new method of developing web standards in the company. In fact, Facebook's" InInputPending "API is now available on the Web.

There is a great effort to create scheduling primitives in the social networking giant Chrome will make its new API test available to developers, which are "delayed in the queue. Cara is looking to improve and get to interact and loading performance. "We hope that we will ramp to continue the new API and open your contribution.

What is API-  If you are always active on Facebook, then you should read about the new announcement of Facebook, along with those people who are on social networking fear of losing privacy, because of changes to Facebook's Feature.
API under a new setting. Actually, the API is a platform for the creation of applications that are available to members of facebook's social network. API allows applications to use social connections and profile information to include more and to publish activities for Facebook's news feeds and profile pages, a privacy setting for individual users.

You can use API features of -   

  • Events API
  • Groups API
  • Pages API
  • Instagram API platform
  • Additional API changes
  • Search API
  • Games API
  • App insights API

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